Provided below are helpful links in which you can use to help you narrow down the topic. Some are catalogues, and some are specific primary sources such as letters that were sent between the women of the time period.

I found the following five sources in a Syllabus for a Woman in the Middle Ages, a course taught at Colombia University. I believe these will help locate and solve some questions you might have when trying to find information on this period.


Joann McNamara and Suzanne Wemple, “The Power of Women Through the Family, 500-1100,” in Mary Hartmann and L. Banner, ed., Clio’s Consciousness Raised (New York: Harper and Row, l974), reprinted in Mary Erler and Maryanne Kowaleski, eds., Women and Power in the Middle Ages (University of Georgia Press, 1988), pp. 83-101. LR, HDRR Medieval Women Writers, ed. Katharina M. Wilson (Athens, GA, l984), pp. 1-29 (selection from Dhuoda). AP, LR.

Janet Nelson, “Queens as Jezebels: Brunhild and Balthild…,” in Derek Baker, ed., Medieval Women: For Rosalind Hill..., Studies in Church History (Oxford, l978), pp. 31-77. HDRR.

Medieval Women Writers, ed. Katharina M. Wilson (Athens, GA, l984), pp. 1-29 (selection from Dhuoda). AP, LR.

J. Dalarun, “The Clerical Gaze,” and C. Thomasset, “The Nature of Woman,” in A History of Women in the West, ed. Duby and Perrot: vol. 2: Silences of the Middle Ages, ed. Klapisch-Zuber (Harvard, l992), pp. 15-69. LR, HDRR.


More Sources (including articles):

Robertson, Elizabeth Ann, 1951-Medieval Feminism in Middle English Studies: A Retrospective
Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature – Volume 26, Number 1, Spring 2007, pp. 67-79.



http://monasticmatrix.usc.edu/  is a scholarly resource guide for the study of women’s relgious communities from 400-1600.

Specifically, I found this link helpful: Woman of the Middle Ages: The Mystical Jubilus III: An Example from a Medieval German Convent Chronicle. Translated from the Middle High German by Gertrud Jaron Lewis. http://monasticmatrix.usc.edu/cartularium/article.php?textId=2319


An article written titled “Medievalism and Feminism” by Judith M. Bennett: http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~judithb/medfem.pdf

http://epistolae.ccnmtl.columbia.edu/ These letters include an English version and the original language text.

This final link provides useful information on women and their roles in the Middle Ages.


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